Viking has existing whistle-blowing policies and arrangements for employees and other persons to raise any valid concerns. These are reviewed from time to time and updated when necessary.

Reporting and Investigation
All employees and any other persons may file a whistle-blowing report to Viking. For employees, they can refer to the internal procedures safe kept by Viking's Human Resources Department. For external parties, they can send an email or a letter to the following addresses:

Postal Address:
Viking Offshore & Marine Ltd (Attn: AC Members)
21 Kian Teck Road
Singapore 628773

All whistle-blowing reports received will be investigated promptly, professionally, fairly and honestly. Findings from the investigations and the follow-up actions taken or to be taken will be reported to the Board of Directors.

Protective Measures
This policy seeks to provide an appropriate channel for employees to report acts of wrongdoing within the Group. This policy does not apply to or change the Company's policies and procedures for individual employee grievances or complaints relating to job performance, terms and conditions of employment, which will continue to be administered and reviewed by Viking's Human Resources Department. This is not an avenue for providing feedback and/or complaints relating to managementís operational direction, programs, policies, procedures and process implementation; unless an individual believes that such general management actions undermine the Group/Company to the extent that it constitute a misconduct or improper activities. This is also not the channel for individuals to resolve personal issues or dissatisfaction with another team member or group.

Whistle blowers who raise a concern in good faith, which is shown to be unsubstantiated by subsequent investigation, will not have action taken against them. However, Viking will not hesitate to take action against individuals who misuse the whistle-blowing channel by making an allegation, in bad faith or knowing it to be untrue or unfounded.

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